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“These sessions really helped me get back on track. I now know how to cope with thoughts and manage them which has really helped me in my everyday life”

S, London

“Serena provided great tools to help me understand and cope with my anxiety. She was instrumental in learning where that anxiety came from and techniques to cope with it"

A, London

"I had complete confidence in my therapist's knowledge and abilities and feel that I got the help, I was looking for"

A, Buckinghamshire

"I would like to thank Serena for all the help, advice and support she gave me. I found our sessions very useful and I now feel better able to take control of my emotions."

A, London

"I found the process very helpful and Serena was very patient and helped me to understand how to deal with my worries."

P, London

"Thank you very much for all the advice and tools you have given me to handle my stress and anxieties, it has and will make the world of difference."

C, London

"Serena was patient listening to my fears and gave me my confidence back. I highly recommend her"

T, London

"Serena is very warm and instantly made me feel at ease in a situation that I was not very comfortable with at first."

S, London

"Helped me to understand my OCD and I learnt valuable techniques to manage it"

A, London

"Found it very helpful talking to Serena about my issues and seeking guidance on how to resolve them. It was very useful going over my worries and challenging them and her helping me see things in a different perspective."

A, London

"I am very grateful for the help I got. I gained realisation that I have the capacity to change. I have learnt useful strategies for anger management. Serena is caring, encouraging and non-judgemental".

J, London

"Therapy helped me in understanding what OCD is and how to cope with my intrusive thoughts. Serena is very good at explaining things".

S, London

"A very gentle person who supported me in this difficult time with empathy and professionalism"

B, London

"Great techniques for my OCD and has made a huge impact to my everyday life. Thank you!"

K, London

"Serena has been incredible and has helped me cope with everyday stresses that have been overwhelming my live forever. I feel I have all the right tools to be content with myself and be strong to face hard situations and people in a calm manner. I am incredibly grateful for that as I have struggled with this since a child"

R, London

"I feel that therapy has helped me understand my difficulties. I am very appreciative of the techniques and awareness you provided to me. It helped immensely"

M, London

"The therapist, Serena Nathaniel-James was very professional, yet kind and respectful. Thank you"

J, Oxfordshire

"The lovely calming atmosphere here and Serena's character has really helped me. I had complete confidence in her skills and knowledge. I always looked forward to our therapeutic sessions and I highly recommend her. Thank you"

H, London.

"I did not expect to progress this much in only a month, but I have learned so much more about myself and how to handle some of the situations I find frustrating and stressful. I will now do my best to keep on working on things I learnt and will definitely be in contact if I need further support. Thank you Serena"

C, London

" I really appreciated the results-driven approach you took. I'm not necessarily interested in what caused the problems so much as how they could be addressed and your approach fitted the bill exactly. Since our last session, I've encountered some situations that would have been very stressful for me in the past, but so far, it seems that the techniques you showed me have helped me deal with fact, in many cases, I'm not even consciously aware that I'm dealing with them- I'm just taking them in my stride. That's a good result in my opinion."

M, London

"I had complete confidence in Serena's knowledge, techniques and skills and highly recommend her".

T, London

"Really enjoyed the sessions. I have learnt some incredibly useful techniques and have become aware of what was holding me back".

G, London

"I found sessions very useful and the extra handouts/materials very beneficial"

L, London

"Serena was able to start working with me quickly at a time when I needed help urgently. Working with Serena helped me to view things from a different perspective and challenge my existing thinking patterns. That enabled me to make changes I needed to make to feel more myself again"

C, London

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